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We are one of the leading financial services companies in our country, providing insurance, investments and more to 5 million customers. Fusce suscipit varius mi. Vestibulum facilisis euismod luctus. Donec laoreet mi ac lorem tempor dapibus. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient.

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We provide customers with a variety of products and services, including life insurance, mutual funds and investment management.
Investing 67%
Business strategies 89%
Life insurance 72%
Retirement 67%

Our Team

Mike Schmitz

Mike Schmitz

Operating Partner

Mike Schmitz Operating Partner Mike has two decades of private equity, public markets, family office, and operations experience across a variety of sectors. Prior to joining Aspect, Mike was the Chief Financial Officer of Athos Group, a private equity-backed, tech-enabled services and software company focused on the off-duty police officer market. Prior to Athos, he was Managing Director of the…

B.A. Cullum

B.A. Cullum Partner B.A. has extensive experience with acquisitions, business development, and real estate development. Prior to joining Aspect, he was the Director of Acquisitions & Business Development at ClubCorp (now known as Invited), the largest owner/operator of private golf clubs, country clubs, and business clubs in North America. During his time at ClubCorp, B.A. played a key role in…

Brad Buser

Brad Buser


Brad Buser Partner Brad has more than fifteen years of private equity investment experience and has spent much of that time in an operationally focused manner across a wide variety of industries and situations. Prior to joining Aspect, he was a Principal at Insight Equity, a Dallas area-based operationally intensive middle-market private equity firm with over $1 billion in capital…

Andy Love

Andy Love

Founder & Managing Partner

Andy Love Founder & Managing Partner As a student of the search fund model, as a searcher-CEO of one of the most successful search funds to date, and as a search fund investor-advisor, Andy has spent over two decades in the search fund arena. In that time, he has invested in almost 200 search funds and has advised many more.…